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198                                        THE BSINBl-BAH GOSXlNS.

The seetarial mark consists of two white perpendicular streaks down ike
forehead, united at the root of the nose and continned to near the tip. Another
characteristic is lie use of a rosary of 108 beads made of the wood of the tulsi.

The recognized leaders of the Brinda-ban community were by name Biipa
and Sanatana3 the authors of several doctrinal commentaries and also, as is said,
of the Mathnra Mahatmya. With them were associated a nephew, named
Jiva, who founded the temple of Eadha Damodar, and Gopal Bhatt, founder of

the temple of Badha Eaman, together with some others of less note, whose
names Tary La different lists.* In the Bhakta Mala they are enumerated as


f%fl 51^1


* Tto TozSk m»ticm§ anottfir iamoos Gosfiia of Bomewhat later date, 101» A. B., by B&me
wk> came from Ujjdym to Matlmra, aad who liad been visited both by Akbar ind
f H&sMmal would be literally f& plum lathe palm of the hart,' that is *o ssy, miitfle
tMug complcMy in one*i grasp. A.mndlar plsrase occois m the Baiaayaaa of Tow Ba*, Book I,